Rev. Dr. Sharon Tucker


Rev. Dr. Sharon Tucker is not focused on just one ministry in the church. She is led and blessed to direct 18 of them, excluding major events. She shared her love for the ministries, "I am in love with anything that deals with the marginalized."

She stated, "I didn’t deal with…the ministry. It was the furthest thing from my mind. I planned to be a teacher until retirement. God called me to work with people who now sit where I had sat…that’s on the margins…because He brought me back from the edge, I can’t refuse to be used to do the same thing.”

When discussing her passion for God and church, she explained, "There is no separation between my calling and my daily life. I have His story and my story. I know how God can move. I can’t help but tell it to someone else. I have seen Him move in the lives of people that the world had given up on, and they ended up exceeding what is imaginable."

In today's society, many pulpits still refuse to welcome women. Dr. Tucker is especially thankful that is not the case amongst her church family at Mt. Olivet Baptist. "I am given free rein to do the work that I was called to do. The support is here and there is a strong ministry focus on outreach here," she said.

"My husband, Phillip and I have been worshipping at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church for approximately nine years. I came here to work under Dr. Booth. I met him in seminary. I knew nothing about his preaching or his church. The heart of Dr. Booth was so large that I trusted Him."

“In this house,” Reverend Tucker said, “you will encounter the authentic gospel and the love of Christ.”