Official Church Leaders

Deacon Ministry Co-Chairs

Ralph Gardner, III

Is the Chair of the deacon ministry at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. He and Deacon Walter Torain are the leaders of the deacon ministry.

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Walter Torain

Was born and raised in the inner city of Newark, New Jersey, being blessed with a mother and father who knew the Lord and the power of prayer. He developed a strong foundation that carried him to adulthood.

Brother Torain worked with the African American and the Latino population in both Newark and Paterson, New Jersey.

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Deaconess Ministry


Min. Anita Walker

Yvonne Gardner

Rosanne Chilton - Secretary

Truestee Ministry

Stan Harris (Chairman)

I believe God divinely chose to send me to Mt. Olivet and for Mt. Olivet to become ultimately, my church home. My continual nurturing, pportunities for service and the tremendous way my pastor and church family have displayed agape love to me and my family over the years has reinforced this fact for me many times over.  

The officers for the Trustee Ministry are:

Dr. Gene T. Harris
Vice Chairman

Thelma L. Carter

Carla Hicks

Urban Resurrection Community Development Corporation

Mr. Marion White

Mrs. Sandra Harris
Executive Director

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Carol B. Gardner
Administrative Assistant to the Pastor

Trustee Karen Perkins
Office Assistant

Deacon Maurice Bailey

Ms. Valerie Lamar
Church Accountant

Support Staff

Eleanor Young
Discipleship Secretary

Willie Radden

Frederick Benton
Esq. Legal Counsel

Brent Ward

Trustee Frank Walker
Facilities Coordinator